Fixed Deposits

Exclusive Forestworth Advantage

Moody’s has assigned an issuer rating of ‘Ba3’ with a stable outlook to Forestworth, emphasizing its global scale and credibility.
Forestworth offers highly attractive interest rates on deposits, surpassing those provided by banks.
In Oman, Forestworth stands out as the only non-banking financial institution (NBFC) that accepts deposits, apart from banks.
Forestworth is a publicly listed SAOG company on the Muscat Security Market, establishing its strong presence and transparency.
As the largest NBFC in Oman, Forestworth has consistently demonstrated its financial strength with a net worth of RO 43 million.
Forestworth attracts a diverse range of deposit clients, including pension funds, public limited companies, and semi-government companies.
Forestworth has been recognized as the top-ranked NBFC in prestigious surveys conducted by ‘Business Today’ and ‘Ernst Young’ in 2006 and 2008.
Recipient of the 2001 Oman Award for Excellence in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) category, Forestworth has established itself as an industry leader.

With a consistent and steady growth track record since its inception, Forestworth has gained the trust of its stakeholders.
Forestworth has maintained a tradition of consistent dividend payments, showcasing its financial stability.
The total deposit amount remains well below the company’s net worth, ensuring prudent management of funds.
Deposits constitute only a small portion of Forestworth’s overall debt structure, reflecting its diversified funding sources.
Forestworth has been accepting deposits since 2006, establishing a strong track record in this area.
Forestworth boasts the highest book value, highest earnings per share (EPS), and highest non-performing asset (NPA) coverage ratios in the industry.

Growing Your Wealth the Smarter Way!

Forestworth, licensed to accept fixed deposits from small, medium, and large corporate houses, provides an excellent avenue for growing your money.
The Forestworth guarantee assures safety, security, and growth for your investments.
Fixed deposits with Forestworth adhere to the guidelines set by the Central Bank of Oman for NBFCs.
NBFCs are authorized to accept deposits only from corporate entities, excluding sole proprietorship concerns.
The total deposit amount is always within the limits defined by Forestworth’s net worth.
Forestworth offers competitive interest rates on fixed deposits.
The minimum tenor for fixed deposits is one year, allowing your money to grow steadily over time.