Corporate Loans

Each business possesses unique characteristics and distinct financial requirements. We provide an extensive selection of corporate finance solutions and business loan options tailored to accommodate companies of various scales. Whether the enterprise is a small establishment or a large conglomerate with diverse operations, we have developed specialized business loan programs to meet all your financing demands.



Comprehensive Range of Products

Asset Financing
Working Capital Financing
Invoice Discounting
Debt Factoring
Project Financing
Construction Loans for Factories and Warehouses
Bridge Financing

Unmatched Product Features

– Prompt Approvals
– Flexible Repayment Options
– Competitive Interest Rates
– Simple Loan Documentation
– Transparency
– No Hidden Fees

Asset Financing
Boosting Businesses. Accelerating Growth.

Our asset financing solutions contribute to improving business liquidity, cash flow, and capital generation. As a leading player in the asset finance market, FW offers a variety of financing options to companies of all sizes. These include Hire Purchase Finance, Finance Lease, and Operating Lease for a wide range of assets, such as:

– Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles
– Plant and Machinery
– Construction Equipment
– Medical Equipment
– Office Equipment
– Other Movable Assets
– Cars

Forestworth’s Corporate Division provides a comprehensive suite of structured products tailored to meet your specific business needs and cash flow requirements.

Working Capital Financing
Driving Businesses Forward

Working capital is a challenge that most businesses encounter. Our working capital loans, ranging from short-term to long-term in nature, are designed to increase the available cash flow for funding your daily operations and bridging temporary cash flow gaps. The funds can be utilized for various business needs, including:

– Funding Receivables
– Settling Liabilities
– Covering Operational Costs

Invoice Discounting
Unlocking Business Potential

Invoice discounting provides a means to finance your firm’s invoices and unlock your liquidity. Our customized solutions cater to short-term finance requirements, providing funds from the sale date until the receipt of payment. This service offers several benefits, such as:

– Immediate cash for credit sales
– Increased sales volumes
– Competitive terms for buyers
– Accelerated production cycles
– Alleviating pressure on bank overdraft limits

Project Loans
Comprehensive Financial Services for Projects

Forestworth offers a comprehensive range of financial services for project loans, combining both funded and non-funded facilities to address the diverse financial requirements of projects. In addition to working capital and asset loan facilities, we also provide services such as:

– Advance Payment Bonds
– Performance Bonds
– Letters of Guarantee
– Banker’s Guarantees
– Letters of Credit

Corporate Finance and Construction Loans
Building Confidence. Structuring Success.

Our corporate finance and construction loan solutions cater to the specific needs of building projects, including:

– Warehouses
– Factories
– Modernization and expansion of factories

Bridge Loans
Facilitating Progress

Bridge loans serve as interim financing, providing temporary funding when borrowers require additional time to secure permanent financing. These loans bridge the gap between periods when financing is needed, enabling borrowers to meet their current obligations and maintain cash flow.

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